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  • College General Chemistry Framework Molecular Model Kit 1
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General Chemistry Student Kit


 Product Description

This kit is designed to help General Chemistry college students. The kit's metal clusters are the atoms and the colored tubing represent the bonds made between atoms. Tubing and clusters are interconnected to construct three dimensional models of molecules or ions.  Atomic radius is visible since the tubing is pre cut to scale of 1 inch per 1 Angstom.  Now easily see their shape and study from all angles.  

Our molecular models give valuable insight into molecular polarity and geometric isomerism of co-ordinations compounds such as cis/trans and medial/facial isomers, stereo isomers like R/S enantiomers (mirror images) and structural isomers. 

Drawing two dimensional Lewis Structures can confuse students about their actual 3 D geometry.  The clusters allow 4, 5 and 6 co-ordinate compounds.  The metal clusters are durable allowing easy construction of linear, angular, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramid, seesaw, T-shaped, square planar and octahedral geometries.   We include enough pieces to build more than one molecule allowing side by side comparisons. The colored tubing allows for a multitude of molecules containing atoms Carbon Chlorine, Nitrogen, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, Silicon, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulfur, Hydrogen, and Metals..

 This kit comes in a plastic case with a hinged lid that latches shut.  Our kits are compact and are easily back packed. See the photos attached.

Visit www.chemkits.com for more photos and free how to videos of how to use our Organic Chemistry Molecular Model kits.


 8  Tetrahedral sp^3 hybridized 4 coordinate
10  Trigonal Bipyramidal sp^2 hybridized 5 coordinate
10  Octagonal sp hybridized 6 coordinate  
12 Angles pi bonds  
 8 Pins for Linear Bonds  


9 Black - Carbon

9 Red - Oxygen

9 Blue - Nitrogen

9 Dark Green - Chlorine

9 Light Green - Fluorine

9 Dark Yellow - Sulfur

9 Light Yellow - Silicon

9 Purple - Phosphorus

9 Orange - Bromine

9 Brown - Iodine

9 White - Hydrogen

9 Grey - Metals




 Product Videos

Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Part I
  • Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Part I
    This is the first of a series of videos on how to use our mole...

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