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Time for a face-lift for ChemKits.


So much has changed since we switched to Big Commerce 5 years ago that we feel it is time for a freshening of our webstore.  We have been down for maintenance last week and this week working on this.  Don't let the new look deter you for checking it out.  We will maintain thorough product descriptions and pictures. Several of our products have been modified and new parts lists have been added.  We will be using a new shipping app to provide choice and flexibility for our customers.  This will be especially useful to our international customers.  

Improvements to the kits include; 

1) adding C-N  (Black/Blue) and C-O (Black/Red) bonds to the General Chemistry instructor Kits to allow cyano           and carbonyl ligands.

2) addition of alcohol (C-O-H) and amine (C-N-H) functions to our Organic Mini Kits.

3) addition of C-Cl, C-Br and C-I halides to the Organic Mini KIts.

4) addition of Silicon (Light yellow) to all of our kits.

Thanks again for your business and we look forward to more innovations this coming year adding the Nucleic Acids     to our MicroMolecues offerings.

Thomas Jempty, PhD


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