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  • Carbon to Halogen pre-assembled
  • Example of a primary amine (NH2)
  • Example of an alcohol (OH)

AP Organic Chemistry Mini-Kit


 Product Description

Our AP Organic Chemistry Mini-Kit can be used by students being introduced to Organic Chemistry whether at high school or college Chemistry levels. Our kits are framework structures where the metal clusters serve as atoms and the plastic tubing represents the bonds between the atoms.  Our scale is 1 inch = 1 Angstrom.  The kit contains plenty of 4, 5 and 6 pronged metal clusters to make single, double and triple bonds as well as ring structures of 6 or less.  Useful for straight and branched chain structures, structural and geometric isomers, axial and equitorial cyclohexane rings and chirality.  Instructors and advanced students should consider using our larger college or instructor kits to build larger more complicated models of molecules.

We have now upgraded this kit with all atoms Pre-Cut, Flexible tubing for Pi Bonds and Pre assembled organic halides (Chloride, Bromide and Iodide), alcohols (OH) and amines (NH).


Parts List

Tubing Two Color pre-cut

12 Black/White  (C-H)

2    Blue/White (N-H)

1    Red/White (C-H)

1    Black/Blue (C-N)

1    Black/Red (C-O)




Tubing One Color pre-cut

12.   Black (C) 

24.   Red (O)

40    White (H)

20.   Blue (N)

8.     Dark Green (Cl)

8.     Light Green (F)

8.     Dark Yellow (S)

8.     Light Yellow (Si)

8.     Orange (Br)

6.     Grey (Metals)

8.     Brown (I)

8.     Purple (P)

36     Black    (C-C sigma Bond)

12     Black (C=C)

6.      Black (C=C)

8.      Flexible Black 3" (C-C pi Bond)

8.      Flexible Blue 3" (N-N pi Bond)

4.      Flexible Black 1.5" (half C pi Bond)

4.      Flexible Blue 1.5" (half N pi Bond)

4.      Flexible Red 1.5" (half O pi Bond)



1   Black and dark green (C-Cl)

1   Black and orange (C-Br)

1   Black and Brown (C-I)


Metal Clusters

 6   Tetrahedrons     (sp3 C)

 2   Trigonal Bipyramidal  (sp2 C)

 2   Octahedral     (sp  C)

15.  Pins

 Product Videos

Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Part I
  • Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Part I
    This is the first of a series of videos on how to use our mole...

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